Shape Shifters


Produce all the deliverables for a hypothetical film festival celebrating a director’s work. Choose at least five films from the director and discover a common thread that appears in each of the films, and conceptualize a
design aesthetic into a system that brings the essence of the films to life. The objective is to coordinate a complex set of materials that must function together as a whole and also apply multiple messages with divergent formats.


David Cronenberg was one of the principal originators of what is commonly known as the body horror or visceral horror genre. This style of filmmaking explores people’s fears of bodily transformation and infection. In his films, the psychological is typically intertwined with the physical.

A common thread I found throughout his movies was that unsuspecting victims are manipulated by the twisted technology of a sadistic genius in a surrealistic and tortured world. They obsess over pleasures of the flesh to fill the emptiness in their heart, though it’s never enough. These dark cautionary tales of mad experiments and brutal conflicts tragically end in death and destruction.

© 2018

Junyi (Jolena) Yang

Graphic designer

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